Malheur County Fairgrounds

Malheur County FAIR BOARD 


The primary purpose of the Malheur County Fair Board is to organize the annual Malheur County Fair. The Fair Board will work to encourage and develop interest in agriculture, industry and home economics for fair exhibits, activities and entertainment. The Fair Board will work to foster youth participation in fair activities through such organizations as 4-H, FFA or similar institutions. 

The Fair Board has authority to operate and manage the fairground facilities and may adopt rules and regulations governing the operation of the fair, fairgrounds, facilities, and conduct of visitors. 


A. Officers: Officers of the Board shall be a Chairperson and Vice Chairperson. Election of Officers shall be at the November Fair Board meeting. Terms of each office shall commence at the January meeting. Officers shall be nominated by the Board and elected by majority vote of the Board. Officers can serve a maximum of one term of three (3) years. 


A. Monthly Meetings: The Fair Board will hold monthly meetings at the Fair Office located on the Fairgrounds. All Fair Board business will take place at these meetings. The meetings will be open to the public. Monthly meetings are held the third Monday of every month at 7:00 p.m.

B. Quorum: A quorum will consist of three (3) voting Fair Board Members. 

Fair Board Responsibilities 

malheur County Fair Rules

The general supervision of the grounds and entire exhibition, the police regulations and entrance gates are vested in the Malheur County Fair Board. The Fair Association reserves to its Board of Directors the final and absolute right to interpret these rules and regulations and arbitrarily settle and determine all matters, questions and differences in regard thereto, and to add to and amend these rules as they deem advisable. 

Parking Information

Fire traffic lanes must be maintained throughout the grounds; therefore the Main Gate to the Fairgrounds will be closed to all vehicles Tuesday after 2 p.m. through Saturday of the Fair week. This is also a safety measure for foot traffic. There are two other entrances to the grounds. The South Gate gives access to the south half of the parking lot west of the livestock barns and is to be used for admittance of livestock exhibitors only. The West Gate, off Park Avenue, gives access to the Horse Barns. Daily deliveries inside Fairgrounds must be made before 9 am. Deliveries must enter through the West gate only. 

Livestock Exhibitors

Use South Gate. Obtain "Fair Parking Pass" from Fair office. No public parking in this area. The area west of the livestock barns is for livestock exhibitors only. Trucks and other vehicles are to be parked in the area next to the south/west fence. 

Overnight Camping

For livestock and horse exhibitors only. All campers are required to purchase a camping permit. Tent camping is $15 per week. Campers or motorhomes without power is $30 per week. Campers or motorhomes with electricity is $60 per week. Separate camping areas will be established for livestock and horse exhibitors. 

Each camper will register at the Fair Office and turn in written parental permission, the name of the adult in charge of the tent or camper and list of the occupants, and display a registration card of each occupant in a visible place designated by the Fair Board. 

One adult shall be responsible for each tent or camper. All campers are required to register and display a registration card. All campers will be in their camping area and quiet by midnight. The Fair Board appreciates the cooperation of everyone in keeping the grounds safe and orderly. If there are campers that cannot afford the camping fees, please let the fair office know and arrangements will be made. 

Payment of Awards

Fabric ribbons will be given (at time of judging) in some Fair divisions. Other divisions will have placing stickers attached to the entry tags and fabric ribbons will be given with premium money. 

In Open Class Departments

Blue: First Place

Red: Second Place

White: Third Place

Special awards are listed in each division.

Exhibitors are limited to one entry per section for judging: 

Judges will determine entry quality.

4-H, FFA and Open Departments included 

All awards for which cash prizes are awarded will be paid by cash or check.

4-H premiums will be available at the 4-H office. FFA premiums will be handed out by the FFA Advisors. Open class premiums can be obtained on Sunday, August 4, 2024, 9 a.m. - 2 p.m. in the Red Barn. 

Release time for exhibits: 8 am, Sunday, August 4

All judges are approved by the Fair Board. No person shall act as a judge, who has entries in the department in which he is to be judged, either as owner, agent or representative. 

Should any doubt arise as to the irregularity of an entry or other important matters upon which the judge feels incompetent to decide, it shall be at once reported to the Fair Office and investigated. Any protest or complaints against any article or animal being exhibited or protesting the decision of the judges in awarding the prizes, must be filed with the Fair Board Secretary before the close of the Fair. 

The Malheur County Fair is an open show and exhibitors out of the county and state are welcome to enter in all open classes. If funds are available, payments of premiums will be made in full amounts as listed; however, the Fair Board reserves the right to prorate premium money in the event there are insufficient funds to pay the full premium awarded by the judges. 

For further information, you may write to the Malheur County Fair Board, 795 NW 9th St., Ontario OR 97914, or call (541) 889-3431, or email 

Malheur County Fair Board Environmental Policy

The Malheur County Fair Board will maintain compliance with all applicable federal, state and local environmental laws, ordinances and regulations. The Policy of the Fair Board is to adhere to the Oregon State Department of Agriculture regulations pertaining to agriculture and environmental concerns. 

To prevent the transmission of enteric pathogens and other transmittable diseases including E. coli, the Malheur County Fair Board will ask fair goers not to touch the pens and to wash their hands immediately upon leaving the barns. 

Food and beverage will be discouraged in the barns. The Fair board will have hand washing stations near the barns. There will be signs reminding fair goers to wash their hands and not eat food in the barn. 

Items Prohibited on Fairgrounds

The following items are prohibited on the property owned or controlled ("Fairgrounds") by the Malheur Country Fair Board, unless specifically authorized by the Board: 

a. Bicycles, skateboards, roller blades, scooters: unlocked heelies;

b. Unauthorized vehicles;

c. Unauthorized animals, reptiles, insects, arachnids, and other pets;

d. Weapons;

e. Fireworks, explosives or explosive devices, and inflammables;

f. Alcohol or alcoholic beverages;

g. Attire, costume, clothing or accessories in which, based on the training and experience of a law enforcement officer or the Director, can be articulated as being affiliated with an established criminal gang;

h. Controlled substances;

i. Any other object which in the opinion of the Fair Board Director or his/her designee may affect the safety and well-being of persons attending events at the fairgrounds.  

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